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Johanning-Csik - Postpartum

Onderzoeken / Deep Oscillation

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Johanning-Csik - Postpartum

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1. FOR THE ORIGINAL PAPER (IN GERMAN LANGUAG E) SEND AN E-MAIL AT Page 1 of 1 This article should be cited as follows: J OHANNING – C SIK , F. Behandlung postpartaler Brusts chmerzen und -spannungen mit dem Intensivierungssystem Hivamat. Disse rtation: Amberg, Germany (1994). Institution: Klinik für Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe des Marienkrankenhauses Amberg. Lehrkranke nhaus der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Amberg, Germany. Abstract BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE Postpartum breast pain and tension are important from a therapeutic point of view as they could possibly hamper a lying-in woman`s desi re to breastfeed. The cause of the symptoms in the days immediately after giving birth are hyperemisation and oedema due to lymphatic overload and increased volume as well as increased secretion and filling of the mammary glands. Current therapy options (drugs, ice ba gs, alcohol compress) have limited success and are in part not free of side effects. The aim of our study was to evalua te the effects of DEEP OSCILLATION ® vs. usual care. MATERIAL AND METHOD From October 1990 unitl July 19 91 a sample of n=50 patients (average age 29 years) was included in the study. The breast to be treated was randomly assigned a prioiri. On three consecutive days starting with the time of time let-down the breast was treated for 15 minutes a day. RESULTS Treatment resultet in significant improvements – by means of a 6-point rating scale – in the parameters swelling, induration, spontaneous pain and tenderness. Absolute values are better than the results fo r proteolytic enzymes. Furthermore a very high compliance and level of acceptance was reported. CONCLUSION The author conludes that DEEP OSCILLATION ® had significant and clinically relevant influence on swelling, induration, spontaneous pain and tenderness. The therapy is safe and free of side effects. There is complete comliance after the first treatment and a high level of acceptance of the lying-in women. Literature


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