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Aliyev - Rehabilitation hip endoprothesis

Onderzoeken / Deep Oscillation

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Aliyev - Rehabilitation hip endoprothesis

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1. FOR THE ORIGINAL PAPER (IN GERMAN LANGUAGE) SEND AN E-MAIL AT Seite 1 von 1 This article should be cited as follows: A LIYEV , R. ET AL . Hochsignifikante Therapieerfolge mit DEEP-OSCILLATI ON ® in der orthopädischen Rehabilitation. Orthopädische Praxis 44:448-453 (2008). Institution: Ambulante Rehabilitation für Orthopädie und Unfallc hirurgie, Am Hüttenberg 1, 51643 Gummersbach Abstract of the original paper cited above BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE The purpose of this study was the evaluation of the effects of DEEP OSCILLATION ® in addition to usual care (complex in-patient rehabili tation programme starting directly after operation) in patients with hip prosthesis. MATERIAL AND METHODS From January, 1st until Mai, 31st 2006 a total of n =64 patients (21 men and 43 women) with a mean age of 65,4 years were enrolled in this stud y. Treatment consisted mainly of training of strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility by means of individual training, group training and ph ysiotherapy. DEEP OSCILLATION ® (Physiomed, Schnaittach/Laipersdorf, Germany) is a therapy device where biologically effective oscillations in the tissue are created. Measurements of the Merle d ́Aubigne und Postel Scor e, a standardized rating-score assessing pain, flexibility, oedema and ability to walk and a thorough examination including ultrasonic and radiological investigation were obta ined at baseline and after intervention. RESULTS The Merle d ́Aubigne und Postel Score significantly increased from 6,8 to 16,2 points. In the subjective rating-score 59 out of 64 patients were satisfied with the treatment and the results, 5 patients not. DEEP OSCILLATION ® was safe and effective and could be used as a first line therapy option in the postoperative situ ation. CONCLUSION In conclusion, the addition of DEEP OSCILLATION ® to standard rehabilitation programme in patients with hip prosthesis lead to high acceptanc e with the therapy, very good results in the domains pain, mobility and flexibility. It is a n effective therapy option for the acute postoperative situation. KEY WORDS DEEP OSCILLATION ® - total hip replacement – rehabilitation - deconge stive therapy Literatur e


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